grumpy man of metal

It’s great being a freelance photographer,  it sends you to places that you would often choose to go anyway. Firstly I went along to shoot editorial shots of the workshops at Robertson Yard. Jon helped  school children turn their sketches into metal sculptures of amazing dreams and imaginings.  Secondly  a few images of Jon with Alex Hawkey (exhibition designer)  Michael Olden and others installing the sculptures and prepping the site. and finally the installation shots of the exhibition.JP3_3458 JP3_3497 JP3_3518 JP3_3519 JP3_3579 JP3_3592 JP3_3628 JP3_5377 JP3_5383 JP3_5387 JP3_5404 JP3_5411 JP3_5434 JP3_5455 JP3_5984p JP3_6002p JP3_6036p JP3_6049p JP3_6057s