Delicate and sculptural – Jewellery photography

Photographing beautifully crafted jewellery is challenging but hugely satisfying.  Brighton based maker, Hilary Brown, came to us to look at ideas to create a new set of images of her work.    We decided that working with a black background would be the best way to go.  Each piece required different lighting and minor adjustments.  In post production there were a few props to remove; fishing line holding up the earings and glue that held the rings in place,  as well as spotting out the usual amount of micro dust particles,  but we’re all really pleased with the results.

If you are an artist, maker or designer with work that needs to be carefully photographed for brochures, websites or exhibitions, send us an email or call to discuss ideas and prices.

“Having my own creations photographed is a highly personal process, there’s always a worry the photographer will dominate the shoot. Jim is a very good listener and patient at getting the best results”

Hilary Brown