Meet the teams! corporate portrait photography

Call them what you like; portraits, profile shots, head shots.  Companies need portraits, they need you to meet their team. Everyone wants to look friendly and approachable and everyone has different ideas about how they want their portraits to look;  outside, inside, studio, location, dark background, white back ground, black and white or colour, the list is endless.  Its good to discuss ideas with us and what could work and which style will suit your organisation.

Not everyone enjoys being photographed however the way we work is to make it as easy and simple as possible for the person being photographed and a common response is that it wasn’t nearly as bad as they expected and  people quite enjoy it!  It’s also important to get everyone from reception to senior management photographed as it shows how everyone is valued equally.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about new profile shots for your business.

Lots of excellent feedback from the photos you took! We’re really happy with them!

Sarah J, Marketing and Comms Lead, Practice Unbound

Those are awesome, thank you!! 

Erin Y, Harvey John

Thanks very much for this, they are fantastic!

Lindsay R, Marketing Manager, PDT Solicitors

Below are a few mini-selections from different organisations that we have worked with recently.

Harvey John, recruitment.

Wenham Carter Ltd



PDT Solicitors

Solicitors, London.

Practice Unbound

Allergy Therapeutics

Carpenter Faraday

PDT Solicitors

Carpenter Box

The Study Group