photographer aka Content provider

That’s basically what a photographer is in a nutshell, a content provider!  And that’s fine with us because all businesses, organisations, charities and individuals all need content for the web, social media and every kind of marketing and photography is probably the best and most engaging form of content.

In early December Georganics came to us to book a shoot to provide new image content for their website and Instagram accounts.   They wanted natural photography that didn’t look too polished in a ‘beauty’ kind of way but real people in a real environment using their products.  This carries on their philosophy of only using natural ingredients in their dental care products and a minimal-waste approach to packaging, causing no detrimental impact on the environment.

We looked for people through their Instagram who were keen to give a few hours of their time  and found a beautiful house in Brighton through airbnb that was stylishly decorated and full of natural light.

Below are a few examples from the shoot, and further down some images from their website and Instagram,  including one of @jimpix in action on the shoot!