A legend passes through the eye of my lens.

Ancestry.co.uk asked us to shoot some PR portraits at their event ( hosted by Sir Tony Robinson no less!) at the wonderful new records site the Keep in Brighton.  Many of us will remember Tony best as the loveable (if smelly) character, Baldrick, in Blackadder.  However, tonight was more about his Time Team connection.  Tony is patron of the genealogy website Ancestry.co.uk, and he delivered a hugely entertaining talk largely about WW1 and the stories that are lost and found from within the nations records and historical archives.  Sir Tony is a very clever man as you can imagine, and full of stories both from his huge passion for archaeology and genealogy as well as from his acting career.

Here are a few of the images  from the event.

JP3_4999 JP3_5009 JP3_5013 JP3_5017 JP3_5026 JP3_5061 JP3_5138 JP3_5147 JP3_5156 JP3_5159 JP3_5178