PR shoots a mini selection..

One of our busiest areas of work is shooting good quality, fresh, usable images for PR. This year we have been to several different businesses who need great images for submitting to the press, using on their websites and recording their activities via social media. The following is a selection from three shoots.

Firstly Mindtools who had recently won the Queens Award for Business. They wanted a selection of images to send out but one in particular was of the boss holding an iPad with whole team stood behind . They intended to drop an image on the screen to promote their brand. While we were there and the whole team were together we shot each person full length and created a group photo for their website which could be amended as their workforce evolved.

Another shoot was at Coillte an industrial business producing wood based panels amongst other things. They needed shots of their management team for editorial use in trade publications. These were shot around their Dartford Headquarters.

The third is a slightly more traditional PR shoot for Ricardo. They had the CEO of their parent company Force Protection making a visit to the factory. Ricardo have produced the new Foxhound armoured vehicle to replace the snatch landrover for the MOD.

There is a small selection of images below.

jimpix_PRblog_001 jimpix_PRblog_002Ricardo. Foxhound military vehicle Ricardo. Foxhound military vehicle Ricardo. Foxhound military vehicleCoillte | staff shots Coillte | staff shots Coillte | staff shots