steampunk meets the apprentice

We thought we would feature two pieces of our work commisioned and printed this year…they also happen to be jobs we managed to get hard copies to photograph! The first was a book commisioned by the Ivy Press and featured full page images of various steampunk accessories being modeled at an old pumping house in Brede a stunning location in Kent. This is worth a visit with the kids, there’s also a disused nuclear shelter to look round! And the other shoot was to produce images at Chichester College to illustrate their apprentice scheme.
The two shoots were quite different; one heavily styled trying to create steampunk’s ‘Victorian/HG Wells sci-fi’ feel, while the Chichester shoot was intending to capture people at work and in their usual surroundings. Both shoots used volunteer models who required an element of direction. The Chichester College shots needed to sit easily within a layout with room for text sitting on the images without encroaching into the subject matter. The steampunk images needed to be strong visually and also focus heavily on the accessory that was featured. The accessories were quite small physically and needed careful composition so that your eye is drawn to the featured item first. There’s a selection of images below from the two publications.

jimpix_005 jimpix_004 jimpix_001 jimpix_002 jimpix_003

jimpix_009 jimpix_008jimpix_007